Grupa Azoty NOXy® AdBlue® Dealer in Poland

NOXy ® AdBlue ® Dealer in Poland

Purbo is a certified authorised distributor of NOXy ® AdBlue ® from Grupa Azoty.

NOXy® is a mixture of technically pure urea and demineralised water. The 32.5% urea solution is:

  • non-toxic,
  • colourless,
  • odourless (intermittently with a slight smell of ammonia),
  • safe for the environment,
  • environmentally friendly.

It is a chemical product that is used in modern trucks, passenger cars and buses equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. The reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions also applies to the so-called ‘off road diesel’ group, which translates into its use also in the segment of agricultural tractors, inland and marine vessels and railway locomotives.

Maxoil - automotive wholesaler Grodzisk Wielkopolski - Noxy® Adblue® Grupa Azoty

Purbo is based on Maxoil, which has been in the automotive market since 2002. Maxoil sells car parts, automotive accessories and workshop tools and equipment. An established network of business partners, which include, among others: mechanics, garages, transport companies, farms and automotive shops as well as petrol stations, makes use of the wide range of parts available in the warehouses of the wholesaler. Purbo – NOXy® AdBlue® representative in Poland.